Foster care: The Dos and Don’ts of having a foster child

Foster care: The Dos and Don’ts of having a foster child

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Being a foster parent is a one good way of helping the less privileged children. That is why foster parenting is encouraged by some agencies.  If you want more details about how to foster a child, visit By taking care a foster child, you are giving him not simply a shelter but a home. You are giving this child the family he may not have or could never have.  Just like natural parenting, there are also dos and don’ts that every foster parent should remember when having a foster child.


Introduce the child to people

The child has to be acquainted with people. However, also make sure that you surround the child with the right people and not those who may impart a bad influence to the child. The more people the child knows, the more his confidence and social interaction is developed.

Teach the child basic education

As growing individuals, children need guidance from their parents or guardians in every aspect of life. From decision making to honing their individual skills and interests, guidance is needed so that when they reach the level wherein they are already capable of doing it all alone, they could rely on themselves because they have good foundation. As simple as teaching these kids to wash their hands and to clean their own mess, these already create big impact to their personality development.

Provide them a little more than what they need

Most foster care organizations actually provide financial assistance to cover the foster child’s expenses while under your care. However, it is also recommended that you give them a little more than what they need as long as it is not against your will and it does not hurt your wallet. Giving the child toys or extra new clothes may contribute to the child’s happiness that you cannot underestimate.


Do not harass the child

Children in foster care have special health care needs. Most of them have been in foster because they are previously abused of drugs, unstable mental condition, experienced poor parenting skills and several others. Thus, it is important that the children veer away from all these harsh realities and start a new life under your help. Some of them may also have behavioral issues that you can hardly deal with. Most of these behavioral problems are because of their backgrounds. If they do something awful such as not following your house rules, running your important stuff and perhaps stealing, instead of harassing them, let them understand that what they are doing is wrong.

Do not isolate and ignore the child

Let the child feel that he belongs to your world. Do not let the child think that he is excess baggage and having him around is a pain in the ass. Remember, you have to let them feel that they have a family they can count on.

Do not spoil the child

It is recommended that you give the child a little more than what he needs. However, do not spoil the child to the point wherein he would think that everything in the world is easy-access. Spoiling the child mostly does not help him when he gets older.

When you become a foster parent, it entails you duties and responsibilities that you should appropriately perform. Having this to do and what not to do guide may help you deal your foster child. For more detailed information about how to foster a child check

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